Embroidered pouch

Last week, I found some pre-cut wool and linen in my workbasket, packed with a bobbin of embroidery floss. I’m pretty sure it’s from a kit someone gave me – alas, I do not remember who. So I whipped up a new pouch for Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, to relieve some of the strain on the nålbound pouch I made him a while back. This one is phone sized, with space for business cards, flyers, and pens.

New pouch on belt (beside Østgarðr favor and old pouch, newly strung).

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Whipstitching a decorative element to a base fabric

A friend asked for help stitching Girl Scout patches, so I made her a video, since we don’t live near each other.  The technique is the same as I would use to appliqué trim or an embroidered element onto a medieval garment, so I share with you the video I made for her.


I am in desperate need of a new chemise.  I want it to be short enough that it doesn’t show or need hiking up under my tunic / cote / peplos / overdress.  I need it to be comfortable, not fitted too closely to my body (which changes shape on an irritatingly regular basis), and luxurious. Continue reading “Chemise”