Threading the treadle needle

Among the things I routinely do wrong is thread my Singer treadle sewing machine. Threaded incorrectly, stitching produces a clotted mass of threads on the back.

My machine is a Singer model 66-1 with red-eye (also known as red-head) decals, produced some time after April 18, 1921.

Singer 66-1 sewing machine
Singer 66-1, red-eye decals.

I can tell the earliest possible date from the serial number, using ISMACS Singer serial number database.

Serial # G 8719946
Serial # G8719946, allotted in a batch of 50,000 on April 18, 1921.

Properly threaded, it runs like a dream. Do it wrong, however, and EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Correct threading of Singer 66-1
Through the tension discs, *under* the stationary hook to their left, then up through the hole of the oscillating hook.

I usually orient the bobbin correctly, but just in case I note here for future reference that the thread should exit the bobbin counter-clockwise when I drop it in, i.e., at the same angle as the slot in the bobbin case. Useful (and amusing) blog post about bobbin orientation may be found here.

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