Embroidered pouch

Last week, I found some pre-cut wool and linen in my workbasket, packed with a bobbin of embroidery floss. I’m pretty sure it’s from a kit someone gave me – alas, I do not remember who. So I whipped up a new pouch for Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, to relieve some of the strain on the nålbound pouch I made him a while back. This one is phone sized, with space for business cards, flyers, and pens.

New pouch on belt (beside Østgarðr favor and old pouch, newly strung).

To make the pouch, I began by folding the top and bottom edges of the wool rectangle over the top and bottom edges of the linen rectangle and blanket stitched them in place.

Blanket stitched inside top edge, forming channel for drawstring.

Next, I blanket stitched the wool and linen raw edges (together) along both sides (red cotton floss).  Then I folded the rectangles in half, and blanket stitched them together along each side (yellow tapestry wool).

Red linen lining.

I printed out Mathghamhain’s rowan berry badge, which is fieldless, at 3.5″ wide.  I cut out the berries and stem, and drew around the cutout with my chalk pen.  Then I free-handed the interior detail with the chalk pen.

I used red cotton embroidery floss to chain stitch the berries, for berry-like roundness and sheen.  Then I switched to brown tapestry wool to stem stitch the stem.  For… stem-ness.  And a bark-like texture.

Testing drawstring channels with a temporary cord.

The drawstring channels were susceptible to rubbing, so to prevent fraying & reinforce the raw edges, I whipped the open ends with blue cotton embroidery floss.  I like the color pop.

Finished pouch with reinforced drawstring channel edges (the blue thread).

Conveniently, I had some lucet cord on hand (imagine that!), freshly washed and ready to deploy.

MILES of yellow hemp lucet cord, washed.

I strung one long loop of cord through the drawstring channels with enough slack to hang them on a belt.

Pouch threaded with belt hanging cord.

Test fit successful!

Pouch hanging on boy’s belt.
Pouch on boy’s belt, with his hand in it.

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