Fingerloop braiding a lace bend round of 8 bowes

Figuring it was time to branch out into more fingerloop braiding patterns, I elected to try the lace bend rounde of 8 bowes on, a very attractive 2-color spiral when worked as suggested.

Exchanging loops between hands was a new move, and as it turns out a relatively easy one for me to conquer.  From long years of piano-playing and all-finger typing, I am comfortable using all fingers, which no doubt helps.  Avoiding dropping loops, especially as I neared the end, and loop length began to vary slightly, was the trickiest part.  Do not despair if you struggle with this part! Curl tighter the fingers not actively involved in each exchange, and use your thumbs to manage the exchanging threads.

When I started the braid, I did not tension after each exchange, which was a mistake.  You can see the looseness — even more than usual with a fingerloop start — at the beginning of my work.

Brown and blue spiral braid.
A lace bend rounde of 8 bowes, brown and blue silk

I was unsure initially which way to draw the loops through when exchanging.  The instructions for the move (given earlier on the page) suggest that you pull the left loop over the right loop.  However, the text of this instruction clearly says to draw the left loop through the right loop.  So that’s what I did.

Here’s how it went:

4 blue loops on left, 4 brown on right
With my hands oriented this way, you can see how neatly the threads intertwine at the braid end.
Swap A (index) R with D (pinky) L.
About to swap A (index) right with D (pinky) left.
Swap AR with DL loops, reversed.
Dropping brown loop from AR onto DL, picking up blue loop from DL onto AR.
Swap B (middle) R with C (ring) L.
About to swap B (middle) right with C (ring) left.
Tensioning after BR / CL exchange.
Tensioning loops after BR / CL exchange. Top 2 loops on each hand are blue, bottom 2 loops are brown.
Swap C (ring) R with B (middle) L.
About to swap C (ring) right with B (middle) left.
Swap BR / CL, reversed.
Dropped off brown loop from BR onto CL, picking up blue loop from CL onto BR, reversed.
Swap CR / BL reversed.
Dropped off C (ring) R onto B (middle) L, picking up BL reversed onto CR.
Using thumb to control CR / BL swap.
Using my thumb to manage the CR / BL exchange.
Tensioning after CR / BL swap.
Tensioning after the CR / BL swap. Top loop on right hand is blue, bottom loop on left hand is brown.
Swap D (pinky) R with A (index) L.
Swapping D (pinky) right with A (index) left.
Picking up AL loop onto DR, reversed.
Dropped off the brown loop from DR onto AL, picking up the blue loop from AL onto DR, reversed.
Tensioning after 4 swaps.
Tensioning after all 4 swaps. Left hand holds brown loops, right hand is all blue.
Snugging tension at end of braid.
Turning left hand over, you can see how the threads intertwine at the end of the braid.
Swap AR / DL.
Swap sequence begins again, swapping AR with DL.
Tensioning after AL / DR swap.
Tensioning after AL / DR exchange. Bottom loop left is blue, top loop right is brown.
Swap BR / CL.
Swapping BR with CL.
Tension after BR / CL swap.
Tensioning after BR / CL exchange. Two top loops are brown, top bottom loops are blue, on both hands.
Swap CR / BL.
Swapping CR with BL.
Thumb helps manage CR / BL swap.
Using my thumb to control the exchange between CR and BL.
Tension after CR / BL swap.
Tensioning after CR / BL swap. Top loop on left is brown, bottom loop on right is blue.
Swap DL / AR.
Finally, exchange DL with AR.
Tension after last DL / AR swap.
Back to where we started, with blue loops on the left hand and brown loops on the right.

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