hemp lucet cord

2 oz. of cherry wet spun 10/6 hemp yarn from Ursula’s Alcove, approx. 113 yards, turns into 37.5′ of square lucet cord, pre-washing.

Ursula's Alcove, 10/6 wet spun hemp yarn, 2 oz.
label for Ursula’s 10/6 hemp yarn
Ball of partially worked square lucet cord, still on the lucet.
cherry lucet cord in progress

We be Soldiers three

I asked my friend Lilie to compose a song for our province’s largesse presentation to their Eastern Majesties, for which we parade from our Østgarðr encampment at Pennsic to the East Kingdom royal encampment, singing as we march.  Her contrafact (filk) to the tune of We be Soldiers is delightful.

In preparing for the presentation, I discovered that the melody with which I was most familiar is not the original melody, but is instead an interpretation by Curtis & Loretta, who learned it from a Renaissance band,  possibly after an arrangement by William Chappell.  You can go down this rabbit hole yourself — there is much interesting information out there.  I began here:  http://www.lizlyle.lofgrens.org/RmOlSngs/RTOS-Soldiers3.html

Desirous of returning to the original melody, I turned to Greg Lindahl’s helpful scan of Ravenscroft’s Deuteromelia, and typeset Thomas Ravenscroft’s original harmonization with my own interpretation, so we can practice beforehand.

We be Soldiers three

Whipstitching a decorative element to a base fabric

A friend asked for help stitching Girl Scout patches, so I made her a video, since we don’t live near each other.  The technique is the same as I would use to appliqué trim or an embroidered element onto a medieval garment, so I share with you the video I made for her.

Pride cord

My local SCA group, the Crown Province of Østgarðr, is participating in Brooklyn Pride festival this year, yay!  What better way to show off our affiliation and support than with a period cord worked in Pride colors?  Presenting a lace bend round of 8 bowes in the inclusive (Philadelphia) Pride flag colors: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

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